Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros


When the car inspection costs 12,000 euros

Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-inspection

The Bugatti EB Veyron 16.4 has 16 cylinders, four turbochargers and an eight-liter displacement. The 1001 hp engine accelerates the car to up to 407 km / h. Price: a good million euros. Also the maintenance of the supercar is very costly

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The larger the engine, the greater the workshop costs. With the 1000 hp Bugatti, this has a blatant effect. An inspection costs as much as a small car. But also cheap brand Dacia is enough.

VMany car buyers pay particular attention to the purchase price and consumption of their new car. A comparison of the workshop costs can also be worthwhile.

Because when it comes to the costs of inspections, manufacturers sometimes differ significantly. "If you want to save money on maintenance, you should find out about the inspection costs before buying a car," advises Peter Sobotta, car cost expert at ADAC.

But getting information is not that easy. It is practically impossible to get reliable information on the costs of an annual inspection from the manufacturers. Because the charging rates are set by the workshops. And there are often major regional differences. It makes a difference whether you have your car x-rayed in expensive Munich or in the countryside in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The annual inspection of a Mercedes C 180 CDI, for example, costs 310.91 euros in the Berlin branch and 321.75 euros in Dusseldorf. For the inspection of the E-Class with the engine 220 CDI, the customer in Berlin is charged 321.14 euros, in the Mercedes branch in Dusseldorf 332.63 euros. The Autoscout24 portal offers a price comparison for some regions on.

It all depends on the mileage

The bigger the engine, the higher the workshop costs – this rule of thumb applies to practically all manufacturers. In the VW Golf VII Volkswagen recommends the first inspection after 30,000 kilometers or 24 months at the latest. Material and labor costs are then 180.57 euros for a 1.2 TSI, while the 1.6 TDI costs 198.27 euros. And: The first inspection only includes an oil change service "without additional items", as VW clarifies.

Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-workshop

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The inspector was amazed at the main inspection – and took a photo right away: The workshop had left a hammer in the car’s brake system during a repair. It is not known whether he has already been missing.

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Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-costs

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This unusual hi-fi concept did not receive the blessing of the KuS. An owner had tinkered hi-fi boxes into the headrest mounts.

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Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-workshop

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Communication is everything: the owner had a total of nine holders for smartphones and navigation systems in this VW…

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Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-inspection

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… and this trailer drawbar could have been shaped by a blacksmith.

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Workshop costs: If the inspection for the car costs 12,000 euros-inspection

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At least this was well-intentioned: a cut-off plastic bottle prevents liquid from dripping onto the street.

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At Opel, it is better to check that everything is in place after just twelve months: the Corsa 1.2 costs around 197 euros, while the second inspection after 24 months or 60,000 kilometers costs another 257 euros. The Astra 1.4 costs around 233 euros for the first inspection and 275 euros after the second.

Ford thinks even more far-sighted, where the inspection intervals are calculated up to a mileage of 80,000 kilometers. During the first maintenance there is only one oil change, regardless of the model, during the second there is also a "corrosion protection check", later spark plug change, air conditioning check and replacement of the air filter.

Total costs of the inspections after 80,000 kilometers for a Ford Focus 1.0 L EcoBoost with 125 hp: 974.23 euros. The smaller Ford Fiesta 1.6 L TDCi costs 1055.32 euros. It only has 95 hp, but more displacement than the Focus.

The small service on a BMW 120d or 320d costs 281 euros after (30,000 kilometers / 24 months), the large service (after 60,000 kilometers / 48 months) costs around 451 euros.

Even within a group like Fiat, there can be big price differences. The maintenance of a Fiat 500 1.4 16V costs 108.30 euros after 24 months (average hourly rate), the Alfa Romeo MiTo 1.4 16V costs 129.10 euros. The inspection of a Jeep Wrangler 2.8 CRD, also a member of the Fiat family, costs 140.80 euros. But be careful: the Jeep should be checked into the workshop after twelve months.

It can be even more opaque: Renault charges 162.80 euros for the inspection of a Megane 110 DCI. In addition, there are 43.36 euros for an "additional inspection" as well as repair costs and an "electrical flat rate". Total cost: 384.74 euros. For the group member Dacia Duster 1.5 dCi it is even 419.10 euros.

That sounds expensive and time-consuming, but it might pay off in retrospect. Because the more carefully the car is examined, the sooner damage and defects are discovered.

Bugatti sends the doctor

ADAC expert Sobotta therefore recommends checking the scope of the inspections. The early replacement of a timing belt after 80,000 kilometers may initially cost money. But a major engine failure is much more expensive if the timing belt breaks.

Or you can opt for a Bugatti. Cars of this premium brand have a telemetry system. As soon as the driver starts the Veyron’s 1000 hp engine, technical data is sent to the Bugatti headquarters in Molsheim, as company spokeswoman Manuela Hohne explains.

If there is a problem, Bugatti can send its “Flying Doctors”. The mechanics fly around the world to repair the luxury cars of the VW family. However, the service has its price: the inspection costs for a Bugatti are 12,000 euros.

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