World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king

World premiere Land Rover Defender

Only real with a spare wheel at the rear: Here the new Defender rolls

World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king-world
Land Rover The new Land Rover Defender

  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

To make an automobile icon fit for the future is not easy. Mercedes showed this with his G-Class as skillfully as Jeep with his new Wrangler. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) goes a different path and has completely reinvented its defender.

Anyone who sees the 5.02 meter long Land Rover Defender of the new generation in the headlights will not discover much known. He sees a new off-road vehicle that is undoubtedly fits into the family of models with the land rover signet. But it is larger, huge, powerful and much more modern. No more than a few details and the model name have remained from the Defender, which can be found on the body a few times too often a few times too often. Compared to the predecessor are not only the dimensions, but also the wheel set. The new Defender rolls on wheels between 18 and 22 inches with a diameter of 815 millimeters.

New Land Rover is partly like the predecessor

But at second glance there are common ground with the predecessor, because the new Land Rover Defender is also offered in two body lengths with two wheelbases as a 90s and 110s.

World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king-land
Land Rover The new Land Rover Defender in the short and long version

On closer inspection, the proportions actually fit and actually remember the ancestors that were set a few years ago. The spare wheel remains on the back of the large tailgill and the two -part light positioning of the rear lights ensures that additional lights in the bumper can be dispensed with.

The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king-off-road

Site The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

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Typical British: The cranky details

A reminiscence is also the pronounced shoulder, which makes the new model even more powerful than anyway and the small roof hatches. Corded and anything but successful, the decorative area with which the window surface is reduced at the level of the rear seat appears, especially in the version with a short wheelbase. This ensures that you can hardly look out on the fund and that the shelves located on the inside do not help. Fortunately, you can also unsubscribe from the decorative element. The tiles colored in car color also looks somewhat strange at the long five -door, but here the occupants can look out of their own side windows and there are struts behind the area.

World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king-rover
Land Rover Cockpit of the new Defender

The Defender is also not to be recognized inside. The cockpit is completely animated and, like the rest of the interior, is technically and puristic. Optionally, the Defender 110 is not only available as a five- or seven-seater, but also with an additional emergency seat between the driver and passenger seats, which should hardly be well received. Even if the Land Rover Defender has now become a networked high-tech off-road vehicle that gets its updates by radio, the developers attach great importance to keeping its robustness. The interior of the 1.96 meter high British can be washed out, for example,.


Off-road qualities are retained

There are no doubts about his terrain, even in the stand. Large ramp and embankment angles also ensure hard use away from paved roads, as well as a watt depth of 90 centimeters and a variable air suspension. The over five meter colossus is still clear, because he stops where the driver suspects it with his eyes. In the antenna foot there is a camera backwards – a smart solution that projects your picture into the interior mirror. The loading volume of the long version: 1.075 to 2.380 liters.

World premiere Land Rover Defender: The off-road king-defender
Land Rover Reserverad at the Heck of the Land Rover Defender

The engine portfolio cannot be recognized with its diesel drive from the Ford Transit compared to the elderly predecessor. For the at least 2.3 ton of all-wheel drive with a mandatory eight-speed automatic automatic torque, there is a strong four-cylinder diesel with 147 kW / 200 hp and 177 kW / 240 hp. The petrol engines with 221 kW / 300 hp (four -cylinder) and the inline six -cylinder with 294 kW / 400 hp with mild hybrid technology offer more power, which makes it more economical than the four -cylinder petrol engine. Plug-in hybrids are to be submitted later. The price range for the short Land Rover Defender 90 begins at 49.700 euros, during the 110s at 55.600 euros begins. The off-road brit can not only be customized with seven colors and four equipment topics, but also extras such as roof tent, conductor, winch or off-road grille.

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  1. who wants
    Then buy a British car at all. The first -part prices will be after the Brexit … climb safely. And if you want to have an SUV, you have enough alternatives.

  2. Of course, it doesn’t fit into the left/green ..
    … Weltbild – like everything that not everyone can afford. Otherwise: square – practical – good – without a durazell drive.

  3. This opening photo
    is a outrageous provocation: an overpowered combustion engine plows through the desert dust and whirls it on. Fine dust technology at its finest, Mr. Habeck: Take over!

  4. topic missed!
    No one needs the SUV presented here, because there are hundreds of other manufacturers. Those who really knew the original and also drove it where there was never an SUV before, now knows that the Devender is not back, he went from us forever…

  5. Is not an SUV right away
    If you like the off -road quality, you don’t need lifestyle accessories such as air suspension and remain with the standard leaf springs. The vehicle is by no means a SUV, because it can do too much for that.You would have to redesign the vehicle, so it is not wrong to make the vehicle modern.

  6. Yesterday
    I got Mr. Prof for the first time. Dudenhoefer (don’t know exactly) discussed. I find his access to be extremely uncritical and you could say that he is a mouthpiece of the auto industry. I am also a driver myself and are very reluctant to drive. I already know at the start that I will be in traffic jam again at least 30 – 50 minutes, that I will meet some fools in road traffic and the usual side. Still we have to be mobile. My solution would be self -driving platforms that you call if necessary. As soon as the platform is there you collect your own cabin on it (topic individuality). Then you are brought to the desired goal. The vehicles move along sensor points at a uniform speed. …

  7. That can
    I figuratively imagine – how to drag your mobile cabin on the bump to the roadside and then there is no one who lifts them to the carrier tapes with them. But if you go downhill at home, you can make a soap box out of it, it is something of environmental…

  8. Oh man
    at least if they had his typical "Landy face" calmly….. So he looks like a disguised, old discovery!! Too bad you could have done better – with such a cult car!!

  9. Such a car must be
    To make good progress on the unpaved paths in the city. Honestly… If you want to buy a vehicle in size, no matter which manufacturer the need for me a declaration of needs. Otherwise there is no approval.

  10. So what ?
    It is a reality that the most people who buy the miracle car only for one reason: look here, I completely afford…The most of the Land Rover never saw off -road in their car life. But belong in the category, treasure, be careful not to get wet….


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