World record: electric racing car speeds through the desert at 500 km / h

Electric racing car speeds through the desert at 500 km / h

World record: electric racing car speeds through the desert at 500 km / h-racing

The Venturi’s electric motor "Jamais contente" or "Buckeye Bullet", as it is called in the USA, has an output of 588 kW (800 PS)

Source: Barry Hathaway

In the US, an e-cigar has reached 515 km / h. No battery-powered car has been faster.

Zofficial recognition by the international automotive umbrella organization FIA is still pending, but the world record has been set "Buckeye Bullet" or "Jamais contente" secure. Because the electric racing car has driven faster than any previous electric car in the Bonneville salt desert in the US state of Utah. It reached an average speed of 495 km / h and a registered top speed of 515 km / h over a distance of one mile. The 800 hp bullet was developed by engineers from Ohio State University and the French sports car manufacturer Venturi. They pushed the record for electric vehicles up by 100 km / h.

Rocket cars with combustion engines are currently far ahead in terms of top speed. That was not always so. As Camille Jenatzy in 1899 with his electric car "Jamais contente" Reached 105.3 km / h, this was the fastest land vehicle ever. "Back then, electromobility was the key technology for performance" says Luc Perraudin from the Electric Vehicle Institute in Hanover in an interview with the news agency pressetext. The expert does not dare to predict whether lithium-ion batteries will ever be able to stand up to gasoline-powered vehicles at this speed. "But new storage media could do it."

In 2004 the Buckeye Bullet Team exceeded the 500 km / h mark. While the basis of the drive was previously the hydrogen fuel cell, the current version relies solely on batteries. The researchers also describe the research of the accumulator performance as the main motivation of their work. "Maximizing speed on a battery basis is also related to finding greater range", so Perraudin.

The expert does not see this increase in performance as directly relevant for everyday electric cars. "Today’s mid-range models on the market can reach top speeds of around 130 km / h with a range of up to 150 kilometers, depending on driving behavior. It has been proven that this already covers 90 percent of driving habits comfortably. Better performance may only be required for the second car on vacation trips", emphasizes Perraudin. It is therefore more important to promote lightweight construction, energy efficiency and energy availability based on renewable energies.

At the Paris Motor Show (October 2 to 17), the Venturi team will be showing both the current record-breaking car and a replica of the historic model from 1899. By the way, those responsible do not want to stop with the record that has now been set. Work is already underway on the further development of the e-cigar. With the name it’s understandable – "La Jamais Contente" translated means "the never satisfied".

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