World record: small electric car beats Ferrari and Lamborghini


Small electric car beats Ferrari and Lamborghini

World record: small electric car beats Ferrari and Lamborghini-record

In addition to a Toyota LandCruiser, the low height of the Mirai (45.2 centimeters) is really clear

Source: Guinness World Records

Admittedly, the developers of the Japanese Mirai e-car still have to improve on performance. But they have a superlative to offer that no sports car manufacturer in the world can match.

Gect this car is even the Lamborghini Aventador a high plateau: the Japanese electric sports car Mirai, with a height of only 45.2 centimeters, has now made it into the “Guinness Book of Records” as the thinnest street-legal car in the world.

For the average man, the single-seater roadster barely goes down to his knee. At 2.48 meters in length, the Mirai is just under the dimensions of a Smart Fortwo, and in terms of width it is even around 30 centimeters short.

The car needs escort

Despite the tiny dimensions, the car is street legal in Japan. And that is also used, like some videos on the homepage of Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi occupy. That is where the flat speedster was made, built by eleven students and nine teachers.

However, there is a golden safety rule for tours with the Mirai. Driving is only in a convoy; At the front and rear, a normal size car ensures that the bright yellow flounder is not overlooked and rolled over.

Top speed 50 km / h

Originally, a tiny petrol engine was supposed to take over the drive. However, since the Mirai became smaller and lighter during construction, it was finally decided to use an electric drive. Two small electric motors with a total of 540 watts now provide thrust and allow a top speed of 50 km / h. Those who limit themselves to 30 km / h should travel up to 80 kilometers per battery charge.

You can buy the Mirai, whose name translates as "future", but not. The record speedster should continue to adorn the school campus as a single piece. Because even in Japan, where tiny kei cars (up to 3.40 meters) dominate the streets, the single-seater would probably be a size too small.

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