World record: The smallest car in the world measures exactly 1.26 meters


The smallest car in the world measures exactly 1.26 meters

Americans can not only be big, as the "Guinness Book of Records 2014" proves: Because the world‘s smallest street-legal car comes from Texas: a mini-mini SUV.

D.he smallest street legal car in the world measures just 1.26 meters from the radiator grille to the exhaust – making it almost as big as a pedal car for children. The home-made mini off-road vehicle now has an entry in the new “Guinness Book of Records 2014" receive.

The contortions when entering the 65 centimeter wide and 64 centimeter high off-roader are limited, after all, the new world record holder is open, so there are no doors through which the driver has to squeeze in order to be able to take a seat at the wheel.

A horn for road approval

In order to get road approval from the US authorities for his mini car, the 29-year-old tuner from the US state of Texas, Austin Coulson, had to install safety glass for the windshield, windshield wipers and a seatbelt in the vehicle, as well as one Set of road legal lights and a horn.

The vehicle is one of the so-called "Low Speed ​​Vehicle", a segment for the use of golf carts in senior citizen residences, and can be driven on public roads at a maximum speed of up to 25 miles per hour (40 km / h). This is reported by the US newspaper USA Today.

"IM BIG" label

Coulson came up with the idea of ​​the mini car when he discovered a quad with a body two years ago and wondered whether it could be turned into a street-legal vehicle. The easiest part of the conversion was to get the ATV’s engine and gearbox working, the report said.

The vehicle proudly wears the result of efforts to achieve legal conformity on the front: a Texan license plate with the ironic inscription “IM BIG” – I’m tall.

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