World record: These men are the best parkers in the world


These men are the best parkers in the world

Two extreme parkers made it into the Guinness Book of Records: A few centimeters were enough to circle a Mini into a gap between two cars. The record holder was previously a German.

E.There are motorists who consider parking to be the real art of traffic anyway. And if you were looking for a parking space in the pub district of a big city in the evening and sweating in your car around the only remaining space in three trains, you will have had similar thoughts.

The comparison portal recently organized a parking world championship. The winner became – a woman. Sabine Langer from Dusseldorf is the first title holder of this unofficial championship. Time and precision were rated in five disciplines.

The brothers John (31) and Alastair Moffat (33) have now made it into the Guinness Book of Records and an official record video in the parallel parking category, in which everything depends on accuracy. The challenge was to make a mini To be thrown right off the bat so precisely between two parked cars that the cars are not touched.

Only with handbrake and steering wheel

The gap was only 13.1 centimeters larger than the vehicle length of the mini. Also, the car must not overshoot a side limit during the parking campaign. The previous record holder in parallel parking was the German stuntman and trained car mechanic Ronny Wechselberger, who had 14 centimeters of free space.

In fact, first John and later Alastair threw the Mini into the tiny gap only with the help of a powerful pull on the handbrake and jerky steering movements. Now both are immortalized as record holders.

It is questionable whether Wechselberger, who previously entered the Book of Records four times, can narrow the gap again. "When we did it, we were totally shocked," said Alastair Moffat. "Not even a pencil would fit between the bumper and the bumper."

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