Wuling introduces electro-van Rong Guang eV

Wuling introduces electro-van Rong Guang eV-guang

Wuling, the Joint Venture of the Chinese Car Manufacturer Saic and General Motors from the United States, has launched another electric car: the electric version of the small transporter Rong Guang, one of the most sold manufacturer’s models whose combustion version was debuted in 2008. The compact van is either available in commercial or passenger configuration. The 4.5 meter long vehicle offers 5.1 cubic meters of cargo space or on three sizes for up to eight passengers.

The Wuling Rong Guang eV has a 42 kWh captured battery installed, which supports conventional loading with alternating current (lending hours to full charge) and the fast charging with DC (two hours to full charge). The electric motor makes 80 kW and comes to a torque of 162 nm. The range differs depending on the form of carossom. The commercial version with bleed side and rear windows should cover a good 250 kilometers at full load, while the passenger version should come up to 300 kilometers.

For European ears, the prices of the Wuling Rong Guang eV sound like a bargain bargain: AB converted about 10.600 euros is the box carriage and from good 11.400 euros to have the passenger version. Buyers in China can get even more favorable because the electric van also comes into question for the state subsidies for new energy vehicles (NEV). However, the Elektro-Van also comes with right Spartan equipment. As standard extras, the manufacturer only lists an electric power steering (EPS) as well as for additional safety an airbag on the driver’s side.

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3 thoughts on “Wuling introduces electro-van Rong Guang eV”

  1. The ranges do not sound very realistic for me. The Maxus EV80 comes with a 60kWh battery and maximum payload of 950kg real 120-200km wide.
    Either the Chinese laboratory values (there is a test cycle Alá Nefz) or the car has no payload.

    Without a passenger airbag, the car will not be admitted in the EU.

  2. I like the design of this transporter.. acts small and “compact” and not too big as in transporters often common.


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