Wuling Nano eV: Mini Strainer from China with 305 km range

Wuling Nano eV: Mini Strainer from China with 305 km range-nano

The Wuling Hong Guang Mini eV is more successful than the Tesla Model 3 when it comes to the absolute paragraph of e-cars in China. With the Wuling Nano eV, the manufacturer now launches a second model. With the Nano eV comes a two-seat electric vehicle with practical “Free Two Go” design on the market, therefore, which meets the needs of today’s independent young generation and traveling pairs.

The first electric car of the Chinese brand Wuling, which sprang from a joint venture between General Motors, the Chinese Autoconzern Saic Motors and the Chinese Guangxi Automobile Group, has developed 2020 to the bestseller in China. Similar hope is set in the Nano eV. This presents itself as a compact 2.497 millimeters long, 1.526 millimeters wide and 1.616 millimeters of high strometers, with a wheelbase of 1.600 millimeters. Its size and turning radius of 3.8 meters make him the ideal vehicle for commuters in the city, as he enables them to get in and out in tight rooms.

The electric car itself comes in only four colors therefore, which fit the elegant style of Nano eV. In this case, this own statement reflects according to the simple and comfortable interior, which has numerous refined storage options to meet the most diverse requirements. The maximum power of 24 kW, with a maximum torque of 85 nm, are completely sufficient for the progress in the city. With a single charge he has a range of up to 305 kilometers. With an optional 6.6-kW high-performance quick charger, Nano eV can be fully charged in 4.5 hours.

The model is equipped with the intelligent battery management system BMS and has low-temperature preheating technology and battery insulation to protect the battery in winter. The functions of the battery can even be monitored from a distance via a smartphone app. In terms of security, the Nano eV convinces with a body, which has 40% of high-strength steel and high-strength hot-formed steel. In addition, it relies on electronic stability control, an electronic brake force distribution, a mountaineering assistant, a tire pressure control system and a reversing radar. Priced is converted from 6.880 euros. At 8.270 euros is then achieved the “full equipment” of the E-vehicle.

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7 thoughts on “Wuling Nano eV: Mini Strainer from China with 305 km range”

  1. You have to go crashed on the tongue:
    A joint venture between GM – General Motors, Saic Motors and the Guangxi Group brings (after the huge mini-EV success) the Nano eV with 300 km nominal range from almost 7.000 € in the Chinese market.
    For EU import would be such a price from 10.000, max. RD. 12.000 € conceivable.
    Who from the local providers also draws one even similar price card – or wait until the cars (!) From China here to the yard roll?

  2. Ufff.::::: If then the traffic light is still the driver’s license from 16, Citroën can pack with the Ami (and Opel with the identical Rocks-e),

  3. Pity the Daihatsu has withdrawn from Germany. The Move and Core were super good small cars. Now as an e variant …But this gap will probably fill the Chinese. In any case, the ESMART standing hard times. He starts from 19.000 €.

  4. “… are completely enough for the progress in the city”. I derive the threat that this is still such an (with 45 km / h) changing traffic impact!
    When will this vehicle class finally upgraded to 60 km / h, so you can keep in city traffic?
    Or are there a few (locals) lobbyists who want to prevent the market success of the (mainly Chinese) small vehicles?

  5. Super city car

    Hope that the trend is greater and heavier cars soon and sometimes
    Modern Eautos in Polo Class on the market.

    If Tesla is also the first with a good deal in this segment, then it’s going to be very tight for VW & Co


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