X-ADV: Honda is now building an SUV on two wheels


Honda is now building an SUV on two wheels

X-ADV: Honda is now building an SUV on two wheels-building

At first glance, the motorcycle on the beach is mistaken for an Africa Twin. But then you can see the 15-inch rear wheel. With the X-ADV Honda wants the motorcycle and scooterwelt merge

Source: Honda

With the X-ADV, Honda presents an unusual hybrid bike. It combines the advantages of a travel enduro with the convenience of a scooter. The result is a shrunk Africa Twin.

D.aniele Lucchesi had a dream, a crazy dream. He dreamed of a scooter for the city, with which one could also drive over unpaved roads like a motorcycle. Not only did he have such thoughts at night, he also had to think about this hybrid motorcycle all the time during the day.

It all came about like this: As the planning manager for Honda Italia wanted to show his girlfriend his favorite beach, a lonely bay from his youth, he had to find that the driveway still consisted of an inaccessible path. There was no way they could drive his scooter there. Back in the office, he called together the colleagues from the design department who were supposed to put his idea of ​​the off-road scooter on paper.

However, it took some time for Daniele Lucchesi to convince his manager of the concept and for the Japanese project managers to understand his idea.

The result was the Honda X-ADV, a € 11,400 crossover bike. In 2012 the Japanese merged the motorcycle and scooter world for the first time. The result was the Integra 750. But now the two-wheeler specialist has gone one step further by developing a vehicle that looks like the big enduro Africa Twin ties in, but has the practical properties of a scooter.

X-ADV: Honda is now building an SUV on two wheels-x-adv

The Honda X-ADV can be comfortably seated upright in the city or sporty standing in the field

Source: Honda

The basis for the X-ADV is the in-line two-cylinder engine from Honda’s successful NC series, the bridge frame has been taken from the Integra and only reinforced at the rear. The third generation of the DCT double clutch transmission is also used as standard.

In addition to the option of manually changing the six gears, it offers two automatic modes: Drive for normal driving, Sport for a more committed pace. What is new compared to the previous DCT versions is the ability to call up three different mappings in S mode.

The system even detects whether the X-ADV is driving uphill or downhill and reacts accordingly by shifting up or down earlier or by using the engine brake. In practice, at some point the driver no longer sees the need to shift gears manually and is always on the move automatically.

The Honda X-ADV has the comforts of a car

Honda assigns the X-ADV to the adventure bikes. On the other hand, the 55 hp of the liquid-cooled four-valve engine are not necessarily an adventurous figure, but the hybrid can be moved with great agility and, thanks to the long wheelbase of 1.59 meters, accurately on winding country roads.

The driver sits upright, relaxed, like on a scooter, while his feet stand on spacious running boards and not on footrests like on an enduro. If you want, you can buy matching Rizoma footrests from the Honda accessories (approx. 500 euros).

This shifts the upper body further forward towards the handlebars. And if you have to drive through the terrain in a standing position, that’s no problem either. Despite the relatively small 15-inch rear wheel, the X-ADV also copes well with bumpy stretches.

X-ADV: Honda is now building an SUV on two wheels-Crosstourer heavy grunt Honda Crosstourer

Under the bench there is space for a helmet, even a full-face helmet

Source: Honda

The long spring travel of the USD fork at the front and the hinged central spring strut swallow even larger potholes. The fairly soft standard set-up proves in practice to be a good compromise for all driving situations – even on flat gravel roads and forest paths.

Regardless of what kind of two-wheeler the X-ADV is included in, the Honda offers the driver equipment that he has never known before. Motorcyclists and scooter riders alike will appreciate the storage compartment under the seat, which can even fit a full-face helmet, as well as the twelve-volt connection, the LED technology for the headlights and indicators or the practical smart key system. With it, for example – similar to many modern cars – you can start without having to put the key in the ignition lock.

The most noticeable equipment details, however, are – besides the beautiful spoked wheels – the modern cockpit and the mechanically five-way adjustable windshield. The driver sits well shielded behind the wind deflector; There is hardly any turbulence or noise around the helmet.

The Honda covers 300 kilometers with one tank load

The rally-designed cockpit hardly differs from that of a car. The driver looks at an instrument unit that informs him of the engine speed, speed and the current setting of the DCT transmission. There is also a date and temperature display as well as information about the average or current fuel consumption. A range of around 300 kilometers is possible with the 13.1 liter tank.

The discussion as to whether the X-ADV is now a motorcycle or it is about a scooter is actually pointless. The two-wheel SUV is a fun mobile with which one cuts a good figure both on the country road and in front of the ice cream parlor – and can even dare to take a trip off-road. Provided you are ready to invest 11,400 euros in Daniele Lucchesi’s crazy dream.

Technical data: Honda X-ADV

Engine: Liquid-cooled, two-cylinder, four-stroke in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, OHC; Displacement 745 ccm, bore x stroke 77 x 80 mm, power 54.8 HP at 6250 rpm; Torque 68 Nm at 4750 rpm, injection, six-speed dual clutch transmission, chain.

Landing gear: Tubular steel bridge frame with girder; front upside-down fork Ø 4.1 centimeters, 15.3 centimeters of spring travel, aluminum two-arm swing arm, central spring strut with Pro-Link lever deflection at the rear, preload adjustable tenfold, 15 centimeters of spring travel; Tires 120 / 70-17 front and 160 / 60-15 rear; Double disc brake at the front 29.6 centimeters, radially attached four-piston fixed calipers, single-disc brake at the rear 24 centimeters, single-piston floating caliper caliper and parking brake, ABS.

Assistance systems: SECTION.

Mass and weight: Wheelbase 1.59 meters, seat height 82 centimeters, empty weight 238 kilograms, permissible total weight 415 kilograms, tank capacity 13.1 liters.

List price: 11,400 euros.

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