XBus: German modular all-rounder of e-mobility from 2022 in series

XBus: German modular all-rounder of e-mobility from 2022 in series-german

What may it be: Electrical Convertible, E-Off Roader, Electric Transporter with Socket Building, a fully electric combination, or just an electrified pickup, box truck or camping bus. All this has the company Electricbrands from Hesse with its brand EBUSSY in view. Meanwhile you act under the brand XBUS and wants to introduce the flexible electrical bus / transporter this summer. Three years after the beginning of the development phase, the world premiere is now.

The XBUS was created as the vehicle of the L7E class. As a result, the 3.6-meter long, 1.6 meter wide and a good two meter high small electricity is also extremely attractive. According to Electricbrand, he offers a range of up to 800 kilometers including solar modules on the roof – with flexible use and a modular system according to the “LEGO principle”. Start of the production of XBus is planned from mid 2022 in Itzehoe. 9.000 Pre-orders give it as Electricbrands to report. Added more 10.000 Orders from the European network with so far around 600 dealers.

The two-seat base model with unexposed loading surface is already starting from 15.800 euros available. Anyone who likes the four-seat minibus variant with trunk module lands at 19.600 euros. There is up to 200 kilometers reach with the standard 10 kWh battery, which can be increased for a surcharge to up to 30 kWh and 600 kilometers. Also, of up to 800 km reach the speech – is possible by solar modules. The XBus should be made with modular and changeable superstructures with just a few steps to the convertible, off-road, suitcase construction, combi, pickup or box carriage and camping bus.

With regard to its life cycle, the XBus is superior to conventional electric cars. A conventional electric vehicle is from about 40.000 km driving performance if the additional CO2 is balanced from the battery production, really “green”. The XBus already creates this after about 10.000 km and is also almost completely recyclable with about 98 percent.

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2 thoughts on “XBus: German modular all-rounder of e-mobility from 2022 in series”

  1. 30 kWh and 600 km?! – The established OEMs must divide the door to come to this technology. Or is that only if you park every 50 km again and again a week in the blazing sun?

    Addition: Oh God, L7E … Bye Bye Infer Protection and Driving Assistance. Hello rolling traffic imposition.

  2. When I showed my wife’s picture over the breakfast table, she said, “Such a thing would not even want children as a matchbox car”. Well, I’m like women and child harrows :))


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