Xiaomi: Cell phone manufacturer wants to offer electric cars from 2024

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Production capacities could be gained through the takeover of the Borgward company, according to a report

Xiaomi: Cell phone manufacturer wants to offer electric cars from 2024-manufacturer

Since electric cars are in principle hardly any different from other electronic products, it is not surprising that mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi are planning their own electric cars.

To the Apple Car There have been rumors of collaborations for years and in early 2021 there were reports of an electric car from Huawei. And now Xiaomi also wants to bring electric cars onto the market, as reported by the Chinese website 36Kr.com.

The smartphone manufacturer's e-car should then start in the first half of 2024. The model is not intended to remain a one-off, but rather another model is to come onto the market every year in the following years. Xiaomi wants to sell a total of 900,000 pieces, according to the report. This was apparently made known by a supplier who was contacted by Xiaomi about components for the e-car.

In the next ten years, Xiaomi plans to invest no less than 10 billion dollars (8.5 billion euros) in electric cars. However, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun apparently initially expects a loss of ten percent – apparently because there are already some big fish in the Chinese electric car market, such as Nio, Xpeng or Geely, which are pushing a lot of money into the market.

So far, there have not even been any rumors about the appearance and type of the Xiaomi electric car. With the exception of pictures of a limousine, which are from Xiaomi fans and not from the cell phone manufacturer:

Xiaomi moved into the spotlight in the summer of 2020 when the Chinese and Lamborghini presented a 40 km / h electric kart. Otherwise, the company still builds extravagant e-bikes and e-scooters for folding in China, through which our partner site Rideapart 2019 reported, as well as more traditional e-mopeds, as Rideapart 2020 reported.

Picture gallery: Ninebot Gokart Pro Lamborghini Edition (2020)

Xiaomi: Cell phone manufacturer wants to offer electric cars from 2024-phone

On March 30, 2021, Xiaomi had already announced that the company's board of directors had approved the electric car project. At that time there were rumors that Xiaomi wanted to get started with the help of a big player like Great Wall Motors, as site reported.

To accelerate development, Xiaomi took over Deepmotion, a specialist in autonomous driving, at the end of August for the equivalent of around 70 million euros. The creation of production capacities is likely to be more important for Xiaomi.

In addition, the takeover of Borgward is under discussion, as cnevpost.com reported. The takeover would enable Xiaomi to manufacture 180,000 cars a year in one fell swoop. According to the report, the Chinese authorities are promoting the takeover.

The models of the Borgward brand, which was (re) established in 2008, are developed and designed in Germany, but manufactured in China. However, production at the Borgward plant in Beijing has been idle for over a year.

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The traditional German brand Borgward produced car and truck models around Bremen between 1939 and 1963. Since 2005, the founder's grandson has tried to revive the brand. At the IAA 2015, for example, the company showed the 4.70 meter long SUV called the BX7 (as a combustion model and as a plug-in hybrid). An electric version called the BXi7 was launched in 2017 postponed, which should also come to us in Germany. Also in 2017, Borgward showed a chic coupe study called Isabella at the IAA, which had little in common with the design classic. However, since 2017 it has been quiet about Borgward in Germany.

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