Xiaomi Mi Car: But no competitor to the Apple electric car planned

Xiaomi Mi Car: But no competitor to the Apple electric car planned-competitor

Xiaomi Tech is a Chinese electronics manufacturer and has been more and more its way to Europe for several years now. For a long time, rumors have been circulating that the electronics manufacturer would like to bring their own electric car to start. These were now officially demonstrated by Xiamoi. A possible competitor vehicle to the Apple electric car is therefore not planned.

“This notification will be published by Xiaomi Corporation on a voluntary basis. The group has certain media articles regarding the possible plans of the group to enter the production of electric vehicles in the production of electric vehicles.The Group has closely monitored developments in the electric vehicle industry and has continuously examined the relevant industry trends. The Group has not planned a formal project regarding the investigation of the production of electric vehicles, “so the excerpt from the official opinion of the company.

Unrealistic did not appear the rumors around the “Mi Car” by Xiaomi. Being a supposed insider, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, should even have adopted the project management of the “Mi Car”. This in conjunction with the fact that Li should have met several times with Tesla boss Elon Musk in the US several times, of course, stated the corresponding rumor kitchen. The Xiaomi boss called the electric car industry according to its visits as very exciting.

Furthermore, Lei Jun should have discussed talks with the Chinese e-car events XPENG and NIO over the market. But at least he did not seem convinced by Xiaomis opportunities. But especially, after repeatedly rumors about an Apple electric car has been revealed over the past few weeks, the alleged plans around Xiaomis E-car came into focus. However, as mentioned above, this was placed on ice.

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