Xiaomi says it seriously with e-mobility and invests billion at the beginning

Xiaomi says it seriously with e-mobility and invests billion at the beginning-xiaomi

Xiaomi Tech, currently the second largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, focuses on electromobility in the future. After emerging and rather timely demonstrated rumors, about the entry into the e-mobility, one pursues this way now. Consequent. So Xiaomi has now completed the official registration of his new electric car division. With the electromobility division you will be operated in the future under the name Xiaomi eV Corp Inc.

Within the next ten years Xiaomi plan a total of ten billion dollars for activities in the field of electromobility. The money for it comes from the well-running business with smartphones, televisions and other electronic products for smart homes. Started with a capital of about 1.31 billion euros. The subsidiary of Xiaomi is headed by Lei Jun. Meanwhile you also have set by the 300 employees. More should follow. Looking for these you are currently located.

It is still unclear, as Xiaomi’s strategy will look like to walk on the automotive sector. Also about planned vehicle types nothing is convained. According to rumors, the vehicles of partners should be manufactured. Here, last rumors were loud that Apple’s meshed Foxconn has the fingers in the game. This is already with other brands as a contract manufacturer for e-cars in conversation.

For the finding of your own strategy and thus also focus on the end customers. For example, around 2000 surveys would have taken place in a period of five months to the end of July to determine potential customer wishes. The exchange with suppliers, automobile manufacturers as well as upstream and downstream partners have already taken place. Concrete partnerships have not been agreed yet.

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3 thoughts on “Xiaomi says it seriously with e-mobility and invests billion at the beginning”

  1. According to Wikipedia, it has been the largest smartphone manufacturer since mid 2021. Madness, which goes off in China. The company was founded in 2010.

    But the Chinese have also successfully prevented that European companies settle there. That always went only as a joint venture with a Chinese company. Now the Chinese have the money.


  2. Dress warm! Probably golf and polo class for the fight price in good facilities.
    If the Group is just as clever as with the other products from the far-fanned company universe, then good prospects for customers and bad for traditional automakers

  3. An electric car is a car. Only it has to be better built because you perceive without noise and vibration from the engine of each other mischievouser. Especially the customer in the future is more and more no electrical activity, but a car. He wants service and contact person on site, he wants a good leasing offer, trade-in, customer experience.

    If you just look that Tesla very deep in industry 1.0 is, by exchanging MCU Zahnknirschend, chassis parts pouring pride and hopefully new paint shops builds to get to some point the color knows without streaks and matt sites, then one suspects: is not so easy, the vehicle construction. Has Tesla introduced himself very differently. And at Xiaomi you will curse the day when you followed the decision to build an electric car.


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