Xiaomi: Work in Beijing seems to be decided; E-car from 2024

Xiaomi: Work in Beijing seems to be decided; E-car from 2024-e-car

Xiaomi Tech, currently the second largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer, focuses on electromobility in the future. The plans are always more concrete. As has now been known, there was a work in Beijing in planning. In two expansion stages, a production capacity for 150 should first.000 and then 300.000 electric cars per year are available. The first fully electric vehicle of the brand should come on the street in 2024.

After emerging and rather timely demonstrated rumors, about the entry into the e-mobility, one pursues this way now. The first vehicle of e-mobility division Xiaomi eV Corp Inc. Should come to the street in 2024. Then every year another E vehicle should follow. Xiaomi strives for a total sales of 900 in the first three years.000 units, such a message from September 2021. Which concludes that the production capacity would be driven up accordingly quickly. Or you put on additional partners in production.

The electric car park itself is to be located, as well as sales and research offices, in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, a development and technology area in Yizhuang, a southeastern suburb of Beijing. This information comes from Beijing E-Town, an economic development agency of the city government, which takes care of the development of this zone. This agency also shares with that Xiaomi on the plan retains the first electric car on the street 2024.

Within the next ten years Xiaomi plan a total of ten billion dollars for activities in the field of electromobility. The money for it comes from the well-running business with smartphones, televisions and other electronic products for smart homes. Started with a capital of about 1.31 billion euros. Only recently Xiaomi has launched a subsidiary with the appropriate name Xiaomi Automobile Technology and equipped with a share capital of 140 million euros.

This subsidiary should not only produce the electric vehicles, but also promote research and development of vehicles and car parts, the production of intelligent on-board equipment and the production of lithium-ion batteries. According to media specifications, the workforce of the car park should now grow to more than 500 employees; An increase of 200 employees since the last information in September.

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