Xpeng and Nio convince in November – despite semiconductor crisis

Xpeng and Nio convince in November - despite semiconductor crisis-convince

After a rather weak October, it goes up for NIO in November, with regard to its own sales figures. Their market companion Xpeng Motors continues the positive rice from October unchanged and continues to expand sales at the Chinese market.

Xpeng has the monthly delivery destination despite global challenges in the supply chain with 15.613 delivered Smart EVS achieved in November, which corresponds to an increase of 270% compared to the previous year. The deliveries in November included 7.839 P7, the athletic smart limousine of the company. This alone corresponds to a sales increase of 187% compared to the same month last year. In addition, the company was able to.546 G3 and G3i Smart SUVS and 2.154 P5 Smart family limousines on 15. September officially introduced were for sale. The smart family sedan P5 introduced in September 2021 thus showed significant sales growth in November compared to the previous month.

Up to 30. November 2021 were a total of 82 in the previous year.155 vehicles delivered, equivalent to an increase of 285% compared to the previous year, including 53.110 P7 deliveries. Last week, the start-up presented a new electric SUV, the G9 before. The electrician advertised as “Smart SUV flagship” is therefore the first XPENG model, which was designed from the beginning not only for the Chinese market, but also to compete internationally. With first deliveries, 2022 is expected in the third quarter. For Xpeng an important model to grasp global foot.

Because the Chinese electric car start-up Xpeng plans to become a global car manufacturer and to deliver half of his vehicles in countries outside China. A concrete time frame for the achievement of this goal called Xpeng but not. As part of the announcement of the numbers for November 2021, the start-up also let that have been commissioned 550 brand-protected charging stations in the meantime. XPeng customers can now be over a network of 1.734 Charging stations throughout China use free supercharging and fast load services.

Let’s look at market committee NIO. These delivered in November 2021 10.878 vehicles, which corresponds to solid growth of 105.6% compared to the previous year. The vehicle deliveries were able to raise significantly compared to the previous month in November. October was considerably taken by reducing the production volume due to the restructuring and upgrade of manufacturing lines and preparing the introduction of new products.

Accordingly, the view of the sales figures, on model level, is also extremely positive. The deliveries included 2.683 ES8, the 7-seater electric SUV flagship, 4.713 ES6, medium sized SUV, as well as 3.482 EC6, as Nio calls his SUV coupe. Overall, NIO has been 80 in 2021.940 vehicles delivered, which corresponds to a sharp increase of 120.4% compared to the previous year. Up to 30. November 2021 reached the cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 156.581 vehicles.

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3 thoughts on “Xpeng and Nio convince in November – despite semiconductor crisis”

  1. I ask my mind whether the strategy with 08/15 cars to kick the European market will be successful. And then the nonsense with the change batteries. Why do not you start with unique cars, such as the sports car EP9 shown in a slackened version? So you will have to go back through the price somewhere back.

  2. In Germany, you should slowly think about the extremely steep start-up of the Chinese providers – they will overshoot the market in the US and Europe in the coming years with affordable BEVs with top equipment to probably unrestrained prices.

    As in the 1980s, the Japanese – especially Toyota – urged the world market, has the market share of the “established” OEMs partly more than halved.

    History Repeats – Dismal will probably have to look for Japan.

    At Carpe Diem I would therefore advise some burners OEMS – the days are shorter &# 128521;

  3. Nio shows how to build cars. The Germans must definitely tighten very warm. If the ES6 comes to Europe – and he comes – then there is no only reason to buy a BMW, VW, Audi or whatever in the same category. Price, performance and quality at NIO are top. And the tests show it, also Tesla, the Eleader, gets with Nio probably for the first time serious competition.


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