Xpeng delivered nearly 100,000 vehicles in 2021

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With this, Xpeng has narrowly beaten Nio, which is practically the same old company

Xpeng delivered nearly 100,000 vehicles in 2021-delivered

Not only did Nio announce its delivery figures on January 1st, but also competitor Nio. This results in an interesting comparison option, because both companies were founded in the same year (2014), both are almost exclusively active in China and both focus on modern technology.

All in all, Xpeng narrowly defeated its rivals for the full year 2021: Xpeng delivered 98,155 cars, Nio landed around 91,000 units. In return, Xpeng can point to the greater increase compared to 2020: Deliveries rose by 263 percent, so they have more than tripled, while Nio was "only" 109 percent, i.e. roughly a doubling.

To put it into perspective: Tesla will probably have around 900,000 cars in 2021 as a whole, VW probably to around 9 million (up to November there were 8.2 million cars).

Xpeng delivered nearly 100,000 vehicles in 2021-2021

Xpeng G3

Xpeng delivered nearly 100,000 vehicles in 2021-vehicles

XPeng P5

Xpeng’s bestseller was the P7 luxury sedan (our cover picture), which accounted for around 60 percent of deliveries. The G3 compact SUV follows with around 30 percent including the successor model G3i launched in summer 2021. The rest is due to the P5, which only started in July (a little brother of the P7).

Sales in full year 2021

  • P7: 60,569 pieces
  • G3 and G3i: 29,721 pieces
  • P5: 7,865 pieces
  • Total: 98,155 pieces

The G3 was the first Xpeng model to go into series production in 2018. The P7 followed in May 2020, while the P5 has only been sold in China since July. In November 2021, Xpeng introduced the large SUV G9 before; but it shouldn’t be on the market before spring. So far, Xpeng has delivered a total of 137,953 cars, while Nio has already delivered 167,070.

Of the almost 138,000 deliveries since 2018, over 70 percent (around 98,000) were carried out in the year just ended. The fourth and final quarter was particularly strong with 41,751 units.

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Xpeng delivered nearly 100,000 vehicles in 2021-2021 Xpeng P7 Performance: Chinese electric sedan put to the test

Xpeng has 661 charging stations in 228 cities and 311 dealers in China. The head office is in Guangzhou (about 120 km northeast of Hong Kong). The Xpeng vehicles are produced in Zhaoqing (100 km west of the headquarters). Xpeng is the short form of He Xiaopeng’s surname, who is one of the founders.

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