Xpeng grows massively compared to 2020 in 2021

Xpeng grows massively compared to 2020 in 2021-xpeng

The Chinese start-up Xpeng supplied in December 2021 16.000 smart e-cars and thus exceeded the second month in a row despite persistent global challenges in the supply chain, the monthly delivery target of 15.000 units. The deliveries in December showed an increase of 181% compared to the previous year and prove the solid business dynamics and transposition of the company.

Thus, XPENG complies with the Chinese market companion NIO and looks back on a very successful year 2021. Especially in terms of challenges such as COVID-19 and supply chain. The deliveries included in December 7.459 p7, the sporty smart limousine of the company. In addition, the company was able to.511 G3 and G3i Smart SUVS and 5.030 P5 Smart family limousines on 15. September officially introduced were for sale. This corresponds to an increase of 102% or 75% compared to the previous year’s month for the P7 and G3 series and an increase of 134% compared to the previous month for the P5 series, which steadily starts a ride thanks to a solid order backlog.

The total deliveries for the fourth quarter 2021 reached 41.751 units, an increase of 222% compared to the previous year, including 21.342 P7 deliveries. The total delivery for the on 31. December 2021 ending year reached 98.155 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 263% compared to the previous year. Market companion Nio brought it in direct comparison to “only” 91.429 delivered E-vehicles.

Exciting is the consideration of the cumulative P7 deliveries for the year at XPENG. These achieved 60.569 units, which corresponds to an increase of 302% compared to the previous year. In 2021 a total of 29.721 G3 and G3i Smart SUVs delivered, an increase of 148% compared to the previous year. In 2021 a total of 7.865 p5 delivered. To 31. December 2021 the company had cumulative 137.953 e-cars delivered.

In addition, the Chinese electric car start-up Xpeng plans to become a global car manufacturer and to deliver half of its vehicles in countries outside China. A concrete time frame for the achievement of this goal called Xpeng but not. As part of the disclosure of the figures for December 2021, the start-up also let that have been commissioned with 661 brand-protected charging stations. Xpeng drivers can thus load their e-car in 228 cities and 311 physical retail stores in 121 cities.

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  1. China is coming!

    Sometimes somewhat “no” can say that, unfortunately, that does not change reality and growth &# 128521;

  2. Only for comparison: The VW Group becomes Z.b. of this Chinese startup, XPENG, clearly beaten in China (which is the remarkable value that VW is the largest manufacturer in China and was – but right now at the electric cars left and right is overtaken)
    China: Volkswagen Sold Nearly 14,000 id. Cars in December 2021
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