Xpeng P5: little brother of the sedan P7 presented (update)

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Model 3 competitor shows: Chinese brands are in top shape when it comes to high-tech

Xpeng P5: little brother of the sedan P7 presented (update)-little

On Wednesday evening (April 14th), the Chinese manufacturer Xpeng presented its third electric car: the large P7 sedan and the compact SUV G3 Another sedan follows, the P5.

At the presentation, Xpeng put the emphasis on the interior and the autonomous driving capabilities with lidar support. Nothing was officially revealed about the drive.

The car is 4,808 millimeters long; thus it is only eight centimeters shorter than the P7. The wheelbase is 2,768 millimeters. Xpeng also compared the car at the event with the roughly equal-sized Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3 Series. The P5 apparently has a small trunk lid, not a large loading flap. 450 liters or three golf bags fit in the cargo space.

The P5 should compete against the ten centimeter shorter Tesla Model 3. We suspect that the car will have a lithium iron phosphate battery from CATL, like its big brother P7. The NEDC range should be over 600 km, as the German-British auto journalist Greg Kable apparently learned on the sidelines of the event:

The "X Headlights"

The silhouette with a floor-shaped roof line

The P5 looks similar to the P7, but looks a little chubby. The front lights show the same X-optics as the P7 – it is obviously typical of the brand and is reminiscent of the "X" in the brand name (which is actually Xiaopeng).

The interior with the "floating" dashboard should offer a lot of interior space. The large touchscreen (no less than 15.6 inches) in portrait format is striking; on the other hand, the instrument display seems to be quite small:

Xpeng P5: little brother of the sedan P7 presented (update)-little

Xpeng P5

The real USP of the P5 should be the autonomous driving skills who are called Xpeng Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP). The new software apparently bears the name XPilot 3.5. The hardware includes no fewer than 32 sensors – ten more than the Model 3 has, as Xpeng explained. In addition to a number of radar sensors and cameras (including a "trinocular front-view camera", a stereo camera consisting of three individual cameras), this also includes two lidar sensors.

The autonomous driving skills are based on those of the P7. But this could only drive autonomously on the autobahn, which only covers ten percent of the journeys made by Chinese users, according to Xpeng. In the case of the P5, the scope of application is to be expanded to include cities. The chaos prevailing there (scooters shooting across the ground, pedestrians on zebra crossings, children, pets, construction sites with pylons, etc.) make the large number of sensors necessary.

"Cinema Mode" with flat front seats. What exactly should be the difference to sleep mode was not clear (a giant monitor that extends out will probably not be on board)

Other technical highlights include voice control, which can be used, for example, to change lanes. You can also activate sleep mode: the front seats are laid flat and a timer is set so that you can take an afternoon nap in the car. You can also start a drone from the P5, which circles the car and transmits images to the cockpit.

The P5 is slated for launch in China in the fourth quarter of this year. A version for Europe is in preparation – it will probably start first in Norway, where the G3 is already on the market and the P7 is to follow soon. Regarding the prices, CNBC found that the car was cheaper than the P7 (as you would expect due to the different sizes) should be. Since even the P7 is cheaper than the Tesla Model 3 in China, according to CNBC, this will even more apply to the P5.

Xpeng plans to provide information on the drive system, prices and market launch next week at the Shanghai Auto Show, it said. We are excited. Because even if most of them still seem to be visions of the future: The car could offer more than many a high-tech flagship from Germany.

You can watch the half-hour press presentation in Chinese with English dubbing here:

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Xpeng P5: little brother of the sedan P7 presented (update)-sedan Xpeng G3: This Chinese electric SUV is coming to us too?

The Xpeng P7 was first seen in 2019 at the Shanghai Auto Show as a near-series study. It came onto the (Chinese) market in summer 2020. My colleague Tom Moloughney from InsideEVs USA tested the car already in August. "With 706 kilometers according to the NEDC, the P7 is the electric car with the longest range that is currently being manufactured in China," wrote Moloughney at the time, giving the battery size at 81 kWh. Moloughney drove a model with 316 kW four-wheel drive, which should sprint to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds.

With a length of 4.45 meters, the Xpeng G3 is one of the compact SUVs. The data reads rather bourgeois: The drive is provided by a PSM on the front axle with 145 kW. With the 66 kWh battery, the car should create 451 km according to WLTP. The car has also been on the market in Norway since the end of 2020. Prices start at 358,000 kroner, the equivalent of just under 36,000 euros.

Picture gallery: Xpeng P5 (2021)

Xpeng P5: little brother of the sedan P7 presented (update)-sedan

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