Xpeng P5: The world’s first series vehicle with lidar technology

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Chinese electric sedan with a range of up to 600 km will start in October

Xpeng P5: The world's first series vehicle with lidar technology-vehicle

Along with Nio, Xpeng is currently one of the most interesting Chinese brands. Like MG and aiways and soon the great wall brand Ora the two brands are also pushing their way onto the European market.

The P5 electric sedan is now starting at Xpeng, and the first pictures were taken in April gave.

After the compact SUV G3 and the large electric sedan P7 the P5 is the third electric car from Xiaopeng Motors (or Xpeng for short). The P5 is available to order in China with immediate effect at prices between 157,900 and 223,900 yuan (around 21,0000 to 29,500 euros). Delivery will start at the end of October 2021.

Picture gallery: XPeng P5 (September 2021)

Xpeng P5: The world's first series vehicle with lidar technology-lidar

Six variants are available. The drive power of 155 kW is always the same; The manufacturer leaves it open whether it is front, rear or even all-wheel drive. But there are three different battery versions, which are named after the range in kilometers (in the Chinese NEDC cycle):

  460G and 460E 550G, 550E, 550P 600P
drive 155 kW / 310 Nm 155 kW / 310 Nm 155 kW / 310 Nm
0-100 km / h 7.5 sec. 7.5 sec. 7.5 sec.
battery pack 56 kWh 66 kWh 71 kWh
NEDC range 460 km 550 km 600 km
Base price 157,900 yuan 172,900 yuan 223,900 yuan

Xpeng does not provide any precise information on battery chemistry. However, some versions have a battery with a particularly high energy density of 180 Wh / kg. All P5 versions have a heat pump as standard, which should increase the range in winter by around 15 percent. The range also benefits the aerodynamics – the specified drag coefficient of 0.223 is close to the current record holder Mercedes EQS (drag coefficient: 0.20).

Common to all versions are the dimensions and the trunk volume:

  • Dimensions: 4,808 mm length / 1,840 mm width / 1,520 mm height
  • Trunk: 450 plus 70 liters

At 4.81 meters, the P5 is only eight centimeters shorter than the P7, but looks a bit chubby. The manufacturer positions the car as an affordable family model. However, modern sensor technology is particularly important to Xpeng.

According to the manufacturer, the P5 is the world's first series vehicle with lidar technology. The standard technology with two prismatic sensors on the 550P and 600P is intended to enable more precise detection of vehicles, pedestrians and small obstacles on the road, even in tunnels, at night, in fog or in rain and snow. In addition to the lidar, there are 12 ultrasonic sensors, 5 radar sensors and no fewer than 13 cameras.

The sensors deliver their data to the Xpilot 3.5, the latest version of Xpeng's driver assistance system. It should enable assisted driving no longer only on motorways and expressways, but also in the city; The manufacturer therefore calls the system Navigation Guided Pilot City (NGP City). The P5 also has a system for autonomous valet parking, called Valet Parking Assist Lidar (VPA-L).

Inside there are two displays as well as a surround sound system with eight speakers. The interior can be converted into a private cinema with a projection screen. Alternatively, you can lay the seats flat and turn the P5 into an overnight stay. There is also a built-in refrigerator and the interior is perfumed.

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