Xpeng presents “Smart SUV flagship” G9

Xpeng presents

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has presented with the G9 its now fourth model according to the G3, P7 and P5. This reports among others “Electrive.Net “The streamer advertised as” Smart SUV flagship “is therefore the first XPENG model, which was designed from the beginning not only for the Chinese market, but also to compete internationally. The XPENG G9 stands on a 800 volt architecture with silicon carbide technology. Detailed information on the technique and for the market launch did not do the company yet.

Basically, this is as “XPower 3.0 “designated system for very high charging outputs of up to 480 kW (600 amps at 800 volts), it is called” Electrive.net “. This should be charged in just five minutes of electricity for up to 200 kilometers. In order to be able to use these benefits, XPEng also wants to bring corresponding fast load columns. These should be able to deliver up to 670 amps and fulfill the protection class IP67. Again, however, no accurate periods were mentioned.

In terms of driving assistance, Xpeng also announces progress on the version “Xpilot 4.0 “. The P5 presented in April is the first production model with Lidar sensors and depending on the features of the XPilot version 2.5 or 3.0. The XPilot 4.0 should be the first system according to the manufacturer’s instructions, “enables intelligent driving in all scenarios from the vehicle start to parking”.

As with the previous models, the software should be one of the points with which the G9 should withdraw from the competition. For this he uses loud “Electrive.net “the” x-eea 3.0 electronics and electrical architecture “, the hardware, software and communication architecture deep integrated. Xpeng himself speaks of a “centralized supercomputing platform and local control modules”.

“Our smart SUV flagship G9 represents a new level of sophistication with a global perspective and is an integral part of our exploration of smarter, safer, more environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility,” is quoted by Xiaopeng, CEO and Chairman of XPEng. He too kept covers what market launch and dissemination are concerned.

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