Xpeng records the highest monthly delivery of all time

Xpeng records the highest monthly delivery of all time-monthly

After a strong paragraph in April, the Chinese electric car start-up Xpeng Motors also waits for presentable numbers in May 2021. Followed by an extremely strong June. A total of 6.565 electric cars could deliver Xpeng. In July, the E-Auto Manufacturer was the highest monthly deliveries of all times, which corresponds to an increase of 228% compared to the previous year and 22% compared to the previous month.

In total, the company brought 8.040 E cars on the street. The July deliveries were based on 6.054 P7, the sporty smart sedan of the company, and 1.986 G3, the smart compact SUV, together. Until 31. July 2021 reached the total number of deliveries 38.778 units, which is an increase of 388% compared to the previous year. The deliveries of the P7 continued their record-sensitive growth in July again and reflect the rising popularity of the P7 in China’s technology affines consumers.

In July 2021, for the first anniversary of deliveries, the P7 reaches a total of 40.612 deliveries since its introduction. The Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) motorway solutions of the P7 are becoming increasingly attractive for a broader customer base and underline the company’s commitment to technological innovation. Xpeng has also presented its third series model a few weeks ago the small electric sedan XPENG P5. Within 53 hours above 10.000 reservations have been received, as the Chinese start-up announced.

From September 2021, sales could continue to grow. Because then comes with the G3I Smart SUV the facelift of the G3 – a middle electro-SUV – on the street. The prices move converted about 19.500 to 24.200 euros. As Xpeng understands, G3i has a new exterior design and is equipped with the most powerful intelligent control system in the vehicle and the strongest autonomous driving assistance system of its class.

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2 thoughts on “Xpeng records the highest monthly delivery of all time”

  1. Again, Applause – but at these production increases is already good to see where willing to get much competition for German OEMs in the future.

  2. NIO and XPENG we will hear and read more often …
    How the two find the way to Europe and can assert themselves here remains interesting.

    For China and brachial air pollution I am pleased that there is finally what goes towards air improvement, sustainability, and environmental protection.
    Whether that is the actual reasons I dare to doubt.
    They do that rather for economic reasons.

    We will experience it still that the Asians leave the house without protective mask ..??

    It remains very exciting


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