Xpeng wants to sell half of his e-cars outside of China

Xpeng wants to sell half of his e-cars outside of China-sell

The Chinese electric car start-up Xpeng plans to become a global car manufacturer and to deliver half of its vehicles in countries outside China. So the statement of vice president and chairman Brian Gu, like CNBC to report. He guides that the company focuses on global possibilities wool. With a “long-term balanced relationship between half of the deliveries from China and half of the deliveries outside China”.

A concrete time frame for achieving this goal did not call GU. The comparison to the industry prime of Tesla is pleased with such statements. The US company stated in the third quarter that its home market accounted for 46.6% of total revenue. At China, 22.6% of Tesla’s total sales accounted for approximately 20% a year ago. XPEng tarpaulin in 2021 and 2022 to invest more in international markets. Already in the coming year you wasted foot in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Xpeng started in December 2020 with the delivery of cars to Norway. Other Chinese automakers have focused on the country at their first international expansion, where state incentives have encouraged local demand for electric cars. The Chinese market companion NIO was started in Norway in September and has now opened its first flagship store in Oslo.

With regard to sales and profit, GU is confident that XPENG will reach the threshold in two years. At the end of 2019, in front of the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting chip shortage, GU opaque with CNBC that he expects Xpeng to achieve the break-even in about two or three years – if the company is capable of 150.To produce 000 cars per year.

Xpeng said last month that since its founding six years ago, it has been a little more than 100 years ago.000 cars have produced. The company launched its first commercially available vehicle, the G3 SUV, in December 2018. The new variant, the G3i in the fall 2021. But above all the P7 sedan, whose delivery began last summer, has proven to be much more popular and, according to GU, is more than 77% of deliveries.

Xpeng started in October with the delivery of a third electromodell, the P5 sedan. Last week, the start-up presented a new electric SUV, the G9 before. The electrician advertised as “Smart SUV flagship” is therefore the first XPENG model, which was designed from the beginning not only for the Chinese market, but also to compete internationally. The XPENG G9 stands on a 800 volt architecture with silicon carbide technology.

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