Yacht charter: perfect sailing areas for the winter months


Here you can safely sail away from winter

Yacht charter: perfect sailing areas for the winter months-charter

Like a picture: Sailing in the Bahamas is not only beautiful, but – depending on the area – even relatively easy and therefore suitable for beginners

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Winter cannot be stopped, but you can escape it. For example on a sailing yacht. We present six charter areas off the usual routes – from the Atlantic to the South Pacific.

Sporty: Canaries

L.Since Turkey was the most popular autumn and winter area, the Canary Islands now offer an attractive alternative. It is pleasantly warm here all year round, even in December it is 16 to 21 degrees. “That might not be bathing temperatures, but it’s great for sailing,” says Sven Gronau from Scansail Yachts. Once the area was notorious for its outdated charter fleets and rickety boats, today modern yachts are available on Tenerife, including a modern Dufour fleet.

As a family area for strolling in bays, the waters are only suitable to a limited extent, but there are a few places to go, for example on the protected west coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Sporty crews can expect an area with character, rushing trips in trade winds and deep blue Atlantic waves. When choosing the stopover, you have the choice between touristically developed marinas or small fishing harbors. A lake sports boat license is required to drive yachts.


On the up: the Azores

The anchor islands in the middle of the Atlantic. Especially the Marina Horta on Faial is a popular stopover on the trip to the Caribbean or on the way back to Europe. The tavern “Peter” (whoever says “bar” or “cafe” identifies himself as a landlubber) is one of the most famous seaman’s bars in the world. A visit to the meeting, which is decorated with flags from all over the world, is just as compulsory as leaving a painted message on the quay wall in the port, which is decorated with steering wheels, marine animals and ships.

For those who are immortalized here, happiness at sea should remain loyal. Around the five inner islands of the Azores on a sailboat You should allow yourself at least a week to explore. Due to the sometimes longer stages of seven to nine hours, the area is less suitable for trips with small children.

Yacht charter: perfect sailing areas for the winter months-charter

With a bit of luck, you will encounter dolphins and whales in the Azores

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Strolling around the bays is also usually not possible because the islands rise steeply out of the water. Encounters with dolphins and whales are on the agenda, and the islands offer overflowing green nature, magnificent gardens and the only tea plantations in Europe all year round. The prices are at the Mediterranean level.


Heavenly: Tahiti and Bora Bora

In reality, even more beautiful than on any postcard: French Polynesia in the South Pacific. One of its five atolls are the Society Islands, which can be explored on a cruise from the charter base in Uturoa on Raiatea. Flying fish are at home here, the water is 27 degrees and shimmers in all shades of blue and turquoise.

There are waiting: Bora Bora with one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, the vanilla island Tahaa, on which rare black pearls are also grown, Tahiti with the island capital Papeete and Raiatea itself. Relaxed navigation by sight, a barely noticeable tidal range and 25 to 35 Degrees in summer make sailing a heavenly pleasure, even if the many narrow passages between the reefs require precision when approaching.

Yacht charter: perfect sailing areas for the winter months-perfect

If you are looking for perfect sailing conditions in a dreamy environment, you will find it in the South Pacific

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A large Sunsail charter base is located in the Apooiti Marina, a two-minute drive from the airport. Here it is also worth stopping at one of the best restaurants in Raiatea: In the “Opoa Beach Restaurant” by the sea, whose white lacquered floorboards are walked on without shoes, the dishes are served like works of art.


Far out: New Caledonia

The archipelago lies abeam Australia between Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. The main islands of Grande Terre, lles Loyaute and lle des Pins – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 – are still an insider tip as a sailing area. Because it takes at least 20 hours to travel from Germany (as the crow flies: 16,000 kilometers), interest in this dream area has so far been limited – although some natural wonders await here with the world’s largest lagoon and the second largest coral reef on earth.

The international charter base is the Marina Port Moselle in Noumea, the center of which offers a modern nautical infrastructure and a lot of the French way of life. English and French are spoken. In addition to monohull yachts, large charter companies also offer catamarans up to 50 feet. So you can enjoy the dream for eight – and share the costs. A must see: the 56 meter high, snow-white Phare Amedee, which was erected in 1865 as the first metal lighthouse on French soil.

You can also taste that New Caledonia is a French overseas department. Fish dishes and seafood are particularly delicious; French, Asian and oceanic influences come together in the preparation. The best crêpes are served at “Le Rocher” in Noumea – with a fantastic view of the sea as a side dish.


Fabulous: Bahamas

So far, Abaco was in the north of the Bahamas the hub for charterers. But now it is also possible to file in Nassau. This opens up completely new possibilities for sailors to explore the nearer eastern arch of the island around Eleuthera, where many uninhabited islets come up with sheltered anchor bays. The base in the Palm Cay Marina is an ideal starting point for individual excursions in the world of the 700 Bahamas Islands.

For example in the Exumas, which appear on the horizon as if painted and can be reached gradually at distances of five to 35 nautical miles. In the Highbourne Cay area, you can practice catching lobsters or groupers with the Hawaiian Sling – a small lasso on a stick. Coral reefs for snorkeling can be found almost everywhere in this area with a pleasant climate all year round.

If you are fast, with a bit of luck you will still find a yacht for the upcoming, almost fully booked season. To get in the mood for the region and its specialties, we recommend a dinner in the beach restaurant "Blue Sail" in Nassau’s West Bay Street. Fabulous sea view, freshly caught fish.


For experts: Scotland

When sailors from all over the world make a pilgrimage to a small Scottish village with just 400 inhabitants, there has to be something special there – and that in every season of the year. Tony Bennett and his team charter out excellently maintained yachts in Ardfern, which can be booked exclusively through the yacht and charter center in Germany. "We met Tony once in a tartan at a trade fair," says Burkhard Fahrenkrog from the agency in Northern Germany. “We’ve been working together for almost eight years now and we’re impressed with the way Tony runs the base. The company lives through its person. "

Yacht charter: perfect sailing areas for the winter months-areas

Not warm, but still special: sailing in Scotland

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As a starting point for an advanced cruise with challenging tidal navigation and plenty of wind along the Scottish west coast and to the Outer Hebrides, to the Orkneys or to Shetland, Ardfern is perfect. Just as good for a contemplative canal tour, because the entrance to the Crinan Canal can be reached quickly. The artificially created, 15 km long river with many locks shortens the way to Glasgow, connects the Jura Sound with Loch Gilp and offers Scotland to enjoy. Yes, with whiskey distilleries not far from the banks.


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