Yacht vacation: Always face the sun on the charter boat


Always face the sun on the charter boat

Yacht vacation: Always face the sun on the charter boat-yacht

Probably almost every sailor dreams of a trip under an almost cloudless sky during a long winter. To the areas to which water sports enthusiasts set off in springen can include Turkey and Greece (pictured)

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The sailing season has already started – in the Eastern Mediterranean in Greece and Turkey as well as in the Caribbean. The trip right at the beginning of spring offers several advantages.

F.For the performance-oriented Opti children of the Muhlenberger Segel Club, based on the Elbe, the season begins in the first week of March, when the Hamburg spring break still attracts most holidaymakers into the snow. But the Opti-Kids travel with boats, trainers and adult escorts across the Alps to Lake Garda.

It is traditional to train here in the first week of the holiday – even if the water of the deep lake is still bitterly cold. But: It is still much warmer on Lake Garda than on the Elbe, which at this time of year often still carries the last of the ice floes with it. Most of the other inland areas are no different, especially this year.

The season in Germany therefore starts later for most sailors. Easter is targeted by very ambitious sailors as the earliest possible crane date, who usually only manage to get their yacht into the water in the first days of May.

If you still want to go out on the water now, the best thing to do is to charter a comfortable yacht (preferably with heating) and sail on the Mediterranean. Even there it is still quite fresh in the shade, and the sea is also more refreshing than pleasant, but around ten to 15 degrees more air temperature makes a big difference.

Tourism centers almost extinct

One of the most beautiful sailing areas – not only in spring – are the coasts of Turkey. Especially in April, the country is green and blooming in a very short, intense spring. The days are getting noticeably lighter and longer, the sun is already shining intensely, and the tourist centers, which have almost died out over the winter, come to life.

At this time of year it is especially worthwhile to sail off the cultural and historical highlights of the Turkish coast. There are not nearly as many tourists on the road as there are in summer.

The cosmopolitan city of Istanbul has five marinas, from here you can explore the city between the European and Asian continents and make a detour to the offshore Prince Islands on your own keel. With a little luck, dolphins will accompany the yacht on part of the voyage that leads from the city through the Marmara Sea towards the Dardanelles, Aegean Sea.

A trip in the south of Turkey from Fethiye to Antalya is very demanding in terms of cultural history. It is not for nothing that this stretch of coast is also known as the “Turkish Riviera”. The Fethiye Gulf in particular is very popular with sailors who like it more relaxed. With almost no swell, it offers a number of wonderful little bays that invite you to anchor and let go of the hectic everyday life.

The Gulf of Fethiye is described with a wink as the “largest swimming pool” in Turkey, because it is almost always in season here, with good weather from the beginning of April to November. Around the town of Kale there are numerous ancient ruins, amphitheaters and early Christian churches. Here it is worthwhile to leave the ship in one of the small mini marinas for a day and explore the area with a rental car.

If you have a little more time, you should try to get to Bodrum, the ancient Halicarnassus. Because here you can still marvel at one of two wonders of the ancient world in Turkey: The burial place of Mausolos II, to which we owe the name mausoleum, which is still used today for impressively large burial houses. The second ancient wonder of the world is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus near the present-day city of Selcuk.

Yachts well cared for over the winter

West of Turkey is the second sailing paradise for culture lovers in the Mediterranean. Greece with its many islands and its great history has fascinated travelers and tourists from all over the world for centuries. Here, too, the season starts in April.

If you charter now, you will get superbly maintained yachts over the winter and sail far away from the main season. The best berths in the port are almost guaranteed to be free, in the tavern the table in the first row is unoccupied and many things are much cheaper than in the summer months, especially the flights to the holiday destination and the charter rates for the yacht.

Spring is particularly suitable for a relaxing sailing trip to the Cyclades. The famous Meltemi, which can blow quite violently, especially in the summer months, still blows very moderately from the west. The whole blaze of colors of spring can be enjoyed especially between the Ionian Islands and the Dodecanese.

Not yet parched by the heat of summer, the landscapes are fertile and green, covered by lush vegetation. The Greek Orthodox Easter, which does not fall on the same date as the local festival, is a special experience. This year, on May 5th, the resurrection of Jesus Christ will be celebrated in the small villages and fishing towns.

Sailing over Easter

For some, the sailing areas of Croatia can even be reached with their own car. The Veruda region near Pula in particular can be easily reached from southern Germany and Austria.

In most areas, the lines at the jetties are released again from Holy Week, and numerous large charter agencies invite you to go sailing over the Easter holidays. Often at tempting conditions, because at this time of the year a sailing trip is often in competition with a skiing holiday. Offers such as “sail 4 days, pay only 2” are not uncommon at this time of year.

In return, the area attracts with tranquility, occasional solitude and lots of nature. A travel destination for individualists who like to pull a fleece jacket over their T-shirt, but want to be all alone in the anchorage.

If you want guaranteed sunshine, warmth and a corresponding holiday tan, you should treat yourself to a flight ticket to the Caribbean and check in with one of the major charter companies. The dry, warm weather usually lasts until the end of April, only then does the short, humid season begin, when heavy rainfall is possible.

Warm water and white beaches

To sail in the Caribbean, that is, clear, almost bathtub-warm water, white beaches with a few palm trees for shade and beach bars that even accept wet dollars as a means of payment.

A clear highlight for everyone are the Voiles de Saint Barth in the Lesser Antilles from April 8th to 13th. A regatta week that you don’t even have to take part in to enjoy the paradisiacal backdrop and the dreamy sailing conditions.

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