You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures e-cars news

Most carmakers cannot be stopped from placing their logo as visibly as possible on the models running from the factory. Only Magna Steyr produces automobiles for different brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Toyota – and this strategy also works splendidly. But Magna is no longer just building cars with combustion engines, but also e-cars such as the Jaguar I-Pace.

Not only in Austria Magna Steyr has a reputation like Donnerhall. The Alpine countries are extremely proud of their most traditional car manufacturer, which, as a subsidiary of the car supplier Magna International, has its headquarters in Graz. Magna itself consists of highly different areas of the group such as Power & Vision, Body Exteriors & Structures, Sitting and Completion. In the area of vehicle construction, among other things, the figurehead of the Mercedes G-Class has been manufactured for a good four decades. Its offer ranges from the normal customer vehicle with or without AMG signet to the heavy armor version with three axes for armies all over the world.

You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures e-cars news-toyota
BMW You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures electric cars

Different vehicles from a single source

While in one Magna complex the angular Mercedes G-Class runs off the assembly line, it goes a few meters a few more sporty. The closely related brothers BMW Z4 Roadster and Toyota Z4 are created here. Both models were designed at BMW and Magna in Graz. Toyota primarily controlled the in -house fine -tuning for its own sports coupe. The drive of both models also comes from BMW and the vehicle for the global markets at Magna in Graz is also assembled.

Jaguar Land Rover has also been on the services of Magna Steyr for years and has his electrical Jaguar I-Pace manufactured in Graz and as well as BMW Z4, Toyota Supra or Mercedes G-Class transported all over the world. Currently also in Austrian contract manufacturing: the BMW 5 Series Touring and the compact Jaguar E-Pace. Over the past decades, almost four million vehicles have been off the assembly line in Styria. The models that also rolled out of the modern manufacturing halls in Graz in the past 20 years included vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler Voyager, BMW X3, Saab 9-3 Cabriolet.

But Magna Steyr not only ensures the series, small series and prototype production or tests of drive systems. In addition, the Austrians develop new vehicles for various car manufacturers in coordination with the respective car manufacturer. Current examples are the Arcfox Alpha T. The 4.76 meter long electric SUV was primarily made for the Chinese Baic group for the local market. But the electrical competitor of Audi E-Tron, Porsche Macan or BMW IX3 is also due to come to Europe in 2022. Series production takes place in China – the adjustment for the European market will also take over Magna Steyr after development work. At the moment, the Grazers are developing the Fisker Ocean or the first development agents of the Sony Vision S, who celebrated his surprising premiere at the CES in Las Vegas a year and a half ago.

Success story Magna

The situation is very similar with Ineos and the angular Grenadier off -road vehicle. The highly unofficial successor to the Urbritical Land Rover Defender will be manufactured in the former smart plant in Hambach from the middle of next year. However, the prototypes, like large parts of the development performance of Magna Steyr and coils, also come up with a large part of their test kilometers and off the streets under Magna director. No surprise that the pre-series models of the rustic Ineos Grenadier had to earn their off-road merits on the Magna-Hausberg SchOckl. Here the Mercedes G-Class has been put through its paces since the mid-1970s.

You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures e-cars news-g-class
Press Inform / Jaguar You build Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Supra: Now Magna also manufactures electric cars

But the Austrians not only manufacture vehicles or components, but also have their own design and aerodynamic center and a large development department for drives, where numerous car manufacturers also use the flexible capacities. Magna in Steyr as well as at the other locations in Asia, Europe and North America also develops plug-in drive modules, electric motors, tests battery technology, components and vehicle electronics. No surprise that a variety of prototypes that sometimes look like on the in -house test site – strictly secured – are on the move, like normal series models. However, own Magna drives are installed under the all too well-known sheet metal dress of Jaguar I-Pace or BMW X1, which one offers one or the other car manufacturer and thus want to secure orders for the future.

The order books are full of Canadian Austrians than ever – even if not every model should be a permanent runner like the Mercedes G -Class. Its first prototype had already built Magna Steyr in 1975 and manufactured the G-Class since 1979. And just since the Mercedes G-Class has been offered in the USA since the early 2000s, almost every year has been bringing a new sales record. In the meantime there are more than 30 per year.000 vehicles. The basic price of the Mercedes G 350D in Europe is over 100.000 euros and the best -selling model is the AMG G63, which is over 160.000 euros starts.

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