Youth America’s Cup: German top sailors want to start in San Francisco


German top sailors want to start in San Francisco

Youth America’s Cup: German top sailors want to start in San Francisco-start

After the Swedish "Artemis" overturned, the British sailor Andrew Simpson died near the Golden Gate Bridge (in the background). The Sailing Team Germany took the accident to the AThe reason to cancel the start of the Youth America’s Cup

Source: AP

Phillip Buhl and his teammates rehearse the uprising against the Sailing Team Germany. Despite the official cancellation after the death of the British Andrew Simpson, they want to seize their chance in the USA.

S.egelhoffnung Philipp Buhl (23) reacted with incomprehension to the start-up cancellation by a German junior team in the run-up to the America’s Cup. “We see the risk differently,” said Buhl in an interview with the FAZ, contradicting the assessment of the Sailing Team Germany (STG), which came after the tragic accidental death of the British Olympic sailing champion Andrew Simpson withdrew participation in the Youth America’s Cup.

The Kieler and Erik Heil now want to start their own team with some colleagues: “We will open a donation account and are now looking for sponsors. This America’s Cup is a great story. ”To be competitive, his“ All in Racing ”team needs around 80,000 to 100,000 euros.

"The Youth America’s Cup is definitely not ticked off for us. The team is highly motivated. We are now actively working to find supporters who want to go to the start with us in San Francisco ”, Justus Schmidt (21) and Max Boehme (21) agree on the internet platform“ sailing ”. Both are also part of the German crew.

STG boss Schwall reacts calmly

Oliver Schwall, managing director of Sailing Team Germany and world champion in the 1993 tornado, reacts calmly to the announcement of the German top sailors, despite the cancellation by the STG for San Francisco. “We will continue to support the sailors as best we can. We are happy to put you in touch with the sponsor we won for the competition. But we are sticking to the fact that we cannot take responsibility for the start. "And:" I dread that our sailors overturn in San Francisco. "

Above all, Schwall criticizes the insufficient training opportunities for sailors with the AC 45 catamarans. Although they are smaller than the AC 72 catamarans, they are still dangerous under certain circumstances. Buhl, who is considered the best young sailor in Germany, sees it differently.

Lower top speed

“The boats we sail on have little to do with the ones that are causing so much excitement now. Ours are half as small in all areas (13 meters long, seven meters wide), the sail area is half the size. The larger catamarans are much more dangerous because after a certain speed they lift themselves out of the water on small wings and then become more than 40 knots (75 kilometers per hour). They are prototypes. The boats that are made available to us by the organizer are more sophisticated. The top speed is 25 to 30 knots, ”says Buhl in an interview with FAZ.

Last week the organizers of the America’s Cup announced after Simpsons death that the regatta would take place in the Bay of San Francisco this summer as planned. Simpson drowned after his Swedish Artemis team’s AC72 catamaran capsized and broke apart during training.

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