ZEEKR 001 in front of Europe’s market entry 10.000 electric cars made

ZEEKR 001 in front of Europe's market entry 10.000 electric cars made-market

From the beginning of 2023, the Chinese Group GEELY wants to start his electric rake Zeekr with his good five-meter electric shooting brake 001 in Europe. The ZEEKR 001 is the first model of the brand and came to the market in China last October. Around three months after the start of production, Zeekr already has the brand of 10.000 fabricated e-cars exceeded.

Thus, the E-car brand of Geely has succeeded within under 100 days the brand of 10.000 to exceed 000 manufactured E cars. That is exciting insofar as you would like to gradually expand production. Always aligned at the demand of the market. Which seems very much available. According to reports, the brand is a total of 70 in 2022.000 ZEEKR 001 to produce. This would be, starting from around 4.000 manufactured E cars in January 2022 to the 6.000 e-cars per month, which would have to run from the tape to achieve the goal.

The ZEEKR 001, whose form reminds of the Porsche Toycan Cross Turismo, is available in three versions in China and two battery sizes (86 kWh and 100 kWh). Technically, the ZEEKR models access the already presented electric car architecture Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) from Geely. If the E-vehicle 2023 come to the street in Europe in Europe, one can assume that sales will continue to increase. The ZEEKR 001 is manufactured in the Geely plant in Ningbo on an automated mounting street. Likewise, the quality control and tests are automated, as the Italian automation specialist comau gives to understand. This approach doubles the degree of automation of the factory according to Comau from 40 to 80 percent and allows series production of drives for 120.000 vehicles per year.

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  1. Does not really look bad the car and the specs are also interesting. The price will probably be competitive but a shortcoming remains: the unreliability of the Chinese. If you invest as much money you want to have a service for a long time, and the Chinese will like to leave a market quickly again when he did not develop as hoped for. I think I stay with the established.


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