Zero meter turning circle: Hyundai subsidiary shows innovative wheel hub drive

Zero meter turning circle: Hyundai subsidiary shows innovative wheel hub drive-shows

The automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group around the Hyundai and Kia brands, has developed an innovative wheel hub motor. Thanks to a 90-degree rotation of the tires, the clever electric drive enables, among other things, direct parking to the side and rotation of the vehicle around its own axis. According to the company, this is essential for the production of purpose-built vehicles (PBVs).

Hyundai Mobis, currently number seven among automotive suppliers worldwide, calls the new technology, which other companies also use in this way or in the same way. similar have already presented E-corner module. It integrates all steering, brake, suspension and drive systems in one wheel and in the smallest of spaces. This new technology represents a paradigm shift from the classic automobile, in which, among other things, there is a mechanical axis to connect to the steering wheel and complex suspension systems and a mechanical connection to the engine are required. Hyundai Mobis speaks of the new drive system as a “core technology for the smart city mobility of the future”.

Zero meter turning circle: Hyundai subsidiary shows innovative wheel hub drive-turningHyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis presented the concept of the E-Corner module for the first time at the CES 2018. With the drive now on display, the company has redefined the concept for practical use in automobiles, developed a new control unit and completed the functional test. Hyundai Mobis plans to start accepting volume orders for the E-corner module from vehicle manufacturers worldwide once the reliability test and a feasibility study for series production have been completed.

The biggest advantage of the E-Corner module is that it does not require a mechanical connection between the individual systems such as steering and suspension, which allows for better use of space in the vehicle. This not only facilitates changes in the wheelbase, but also ensures much more flexibility in aligning the doors and the size of the vehicle. Such a technology is considered essential for the development of special vehicles that will offer future mobility services, for example for hospitals or city logistics.

The innovative drive allows the wheel to rotate 90 degrees, which offers several advantages, for example when parking. Because it enables lateral driving in crab steering and a zero turn, i.e. a rotation around the axis in the middle of the vehicle without moving forwards or backwards. The agility of vehicles in narrow city streets can thus be further increased.

Hyundai Mobis plans to develop a skateboard module by 2023, which will be equipped with four e-corner modules. The integration of technologies for autonomous driving is also planned. By 2025, Hyundai Mobis aims to present the first vehicle concepts on this platform and put them on the road.

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3 thoughts on “Zero meter turning circle: Hyundai subsidiary shows innovative wheel hub drive”

  1. The concept of squeezing even in the smallest parklasses is convicted of failure because then the other vehicles can no longer park. After all, you can park and exit at right angles to save time. But you still have to leave space.
    Otherwise a very interesting architecture that allows a lot of new freedom in the body.

  2. From a purely technical point of view, this is actually nothing new, such systems have been known for a long time. I designed a concept myself that is much simpler, has fewer parts.


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