ZF joins development service provider ASAP: expansion in the field of e-mobility and autonomous driving

ZF joins development service provider ASAP: expansion in the field of e-mobility and autonomous driving-asap

In March, we have already reported that automotive suppliers ZF wants to invest more in the future. With the acquisition of 35 percent of the shares of the development service provider ASAP Holding GmbH in the Bavarian Gaimersheim (near Ingolstadt), the company shows that it is serious. Thus, ZF follows his strategy to drive further resources for autonomous and secure e-mobility in order to be able to better encounter the steadily growing customer demand in these areas.

“The ASAP Group as an established development partner has extensive know-how in the areas of autonomous driving, e-mobility, networking and vehicle software. With the participation, we gain access to personal resources of an excellent engineering service provider with plenty of industry experience and special expertise at Testing and Validation. We look forward to working with their employees to develop future-oriented mobility solutions and bring them to series production.”- Torsten Gollewski, Managing Director of the Future Ventures GmbH and Head of the Prevolution of the ZF Group

Michael Leisen, Chairman of the Management Board of the ASAP Group, is to be understood that one looks well prepared by the newly connected partner ZF Friedrichshafen AG for the future. Precisely topics such as autonomous driving and e-mobility are considered the dominant trends in the automotive industry, which one has intensively dedicated in recent years and which one would like to drive further together.

By building strategic partnerships and corporate participations – bundled under the roof of the future Ventures GmbH – ZF has significantly expanded the development capacities in the field of autonomous driving in recent years. In April, ZF announced that the e-mobility division established another production site in Serbian PanĨevo. Starting next year, there will be an area of more than 20.000 square meters mainly electrical machines and generators for hybrid and electric drives as well as gear selector switches and microswitches are manufactured. In the construction of the new location, the company invests its own information after more than 100 million euros.

The now agreed involvement follows the ZF strategy to significantly strengthen the areas of electromobility and autonomous driving in the Group and to expand software and validation topics. In these two areas alone, the ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider had recently announced at the IAA commercial vehicle industry fair, ZF will invest around twelve billion euros in the next five years.

From the point of view of ex-boss Stefan Sommer, this expects that in the future the costs of internal combustion engines will increase significantly. Decisive for this his new, stricter legislation. For this reason, too, electric drives are becoming more interesting on the market. In addition, there is “still much efficiency increase potential” as he describes it. Efficiency, which electric drivers in the future can bring even more range.

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